Why Long Term Athletic Development?

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Finally, a junior golf program that offers a complete training system that is designed for kids to have fun, fit in, feel good about their progress, and to do something they are good at.

The Athletic Junior Golf Performance Institute’s Long Term Athletic Development Program (LTAD) is designed with kids wants in mind. LTAD is a fun, done in developmental, age specific groups. It helps young athletes develop fundamental movement skills, golf specific skills, understanding of the rules of the game, a love of the game, and a passion to improve. This approach alone has been proven around the world to be the most effective way to help junior golfer became stellar players.

Our Junior Fitness Solution offers programs for levels for all juniors ages 5 and up, no matter what their current experience and ability. Our staff is experienced working with beginners and many nationally ranked junior tournament winners and college players. There is a program for every junior.